Content management and monitoring solutions

  • Documenting the Development Process
  • Time-lapse your project from start to end
  • Login Remotely to view images
  • Provide Regular progress updates with the latest content
  • Capture high-quality video, photo and drone content at particular stages of your development

Find out more about remote monitoring
for extra security

What makes city capture different?

  • We produce high-resolution Images and video so your content can be used across all platforms
  • We only use professional grade cameras so we have room to move in post-production
  • We have built software to help us remove bad weather days from footage offering a seamless product
  • We spend time shooting individual stages from the ground and air, providing variation in the final product
  • We offer content management solutions
  • We provide individual login accounts for remote monitoring


Cameras fixed on site providing content and security while documenting the development

Remote Monitoring

Keep track of progress and see who’s on-site with remote viewing of your project

Video & Photo

On-site visits to document different stages throughout the development of your project

Drone Content

Capture development from above with stunning camera angles

Send out progress updates with the latest imagery

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